The times they are a changin’. Well, at least for the advertising business, and this is the way it’s always been with the creative work of advertising. Make my trip ads are just taking it to another level.

What is good advertising? Is it one which conveys features of products? Is it one which connects with the audience so much that it makes them plunge into their own feelings to such an extent that they just want to see the ad again and again?

Make my Trip’s new campaign has been fun and more importantly simple. The ads of the new campaign seem to have the right components – star power, emotional quotient and, you guessed it right, product features, which are conveyed very smoothly.

These are the newest of the ads. See for yourself!

1. Introducing Happy (Ranveer) and Pinky (Alia)

2. More of Happy and Pinky


Things like wifi connection, consistent quality and complimentary breakfast are few things on which OYO rooms built it budget hotels positioning. Make My Trip is targeting a different yet more premium positioning altogether with a couple of key additional features. However, the MMT Hotline seems a GIMMICK which can take things in this segement a notch higher.

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