There are about 20,000 Kashmiri families living in Delhi and there is one authentic Kashmiri restaurant in Delhi. If you ever wanted to relive those days in valleys of Kashmir through the Rogan Josh you had there, chances are you might bump into versions of Rogan Josh which, at most, will fail to transport you to that time.

Home cooking has caught up with the food-tech explosion of 2015. However, all of them have focused a lot on deliveries, some on home-chef aggregation, others through self-curated Kitchens. Glutme, a company predominantly run by architects who’re seasoned businessmen, plans to change the way eating out happens. Glutme is opening up the option of dinning at a ‘home-chef’s’ place.

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The options to eat out will multiply exponentially as this will include households/people sharing their legacy of food with the world. These home-chefs would be the one’s who have not been able to open a restaurant due to lack of resources or the ones who have been thinking about becoming more serious about their food but couldn’t. Clearly, a lot of effort that goes into creating a dining space would be done away with and left would be the cook, his love for food and the result of his learning and love, the food.

Glutme very actively has been curating the home-chefs community through multiple events in the past and continues to organise such events. These events include panel discussions, cooking workshops, potlucks, etc. A bit of training and handholding is also being provided to the home-chefs.

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Cofounder, Rajitesh, believes food to be a very warm element and closely knit to the community, so he feels that migrants living far away from home could also use this as an opportunity to socialise while having their culinary adventure. He puts it as, “Like minded people meeting over food”.

Besides this, Glutme also enables home-chefs to feature their products daily, for delivery. Home-chefs also get featured for catering orders. So, in a way Glutme is also a discovery platform for home-chefs.

While what glutme is doing is unique, there is a shift in the mind set that needs to be made. Home-chefs might not be willing to let people enter inside their homes, but in this era of disruption, change in mindsets seems more plausible than ever. Forbes estimated towards the end of 2014 that, the next uber will be from the foodtech. Glutme is supporting home-chefs as uber is supporting its drivers, but so are a few other players such as ZuperMeal, fromahome and many others. Glutme’s uniqueness is tied to the dine-in at home-chefs place. The market is huge and there’s a lot to do. Rajitesh feels that, in the next 5 years, there is a lot of consolidation bound to happen in the food-tech space, where some of the players will go and some will stay and startups complementing each other will find ways to partner and sustain.

Rajatesh Maji

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Rajatesh grew up in Delhi and continues to live in his favourite city. A trained architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, he wears many hats that of a developer, an architect and a designer as well as a real estate consultant. He is a pro at multi-tasking and his varied skill sets add the edge to managing the operations of any business smoothly. He loves adventure and is an avid traveller, he is passionate about exploring lesser known places, driving and feeding his soul tantalising local cuisines. Music is in his veins he loves hard rock and has been a drummer in his school/college days. And like every true Bengali his love for football and food is unmatched, Rajatesh believes in living life to the fullest and making the most of every opportunity.


Nimesh Pilla

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Nimesh belongs to Jamshedpur, has lived and worked across all Indian metros. He graduated as an architect from SPA, Delhi and did his masters in design strategy from Politechnico di Milano, Milan . Nimesh has a passion for art, design innovation and teaching. He headed the design and innovation teams at Futureideas, Godrej Properties and Idiom design and consulting. He has led teams to create new brands or re position the existing ones, nationally and globally. He also has been mentor to various start-ups, and is a design strategy mentor to the Power of Ideas program at IIM – A. He has also been lecturing at some of the most prestigious design and business schools. Foodie at heart and a movie buff. He loves travelling, meeting new people, debates, cricket and theater.


Pallav Kumar

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Pallav has always been the prodigy, gliding his way through IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta to head the trading operations of the Asia Pacific Region of a leading international bank as its Director. Although brought up in Delhi, Pallav has lived in Madras, Calcutta, Tokyo and Jakarta and is currently based in Singapore. A thorough finance guy, Pallav loves his food as much as he loves his numbers, his favourite holiday destination is Bali. Being in the corporate world for over a decade, Pallav brings a holistic team management perspective to the group. A total movie buff, Pallav loves photography and nature and is a fitness freak.

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