Hungry Bells: Hyperlocal Google Search For Dishes

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling would be very different had it been written in the current age of Information sciences when artificial intelligence is the wizardry thats touching our lives on a daily basis. Today, we all are running out of time and need instant gratification through maximum 3 clicks/taps. Hungry Bells, an app based in Bengaluru, a city where the number of tech startups might actually exceed the population very soon, provides you the food you want to eat. No fussonly food.

Hungry Bells

The best way to describe the app is to say its a google search for dishes. Benefit is its highly local, hence hyperlocal. Open the app, search for the dish you crave and there you have dishes from nearby restaurants, both traditional and cloud based, with prices, reviews, distance, delivery time etc. This enables the ‘eater’ to know reviews of each dish than to depend on the blanket review of the restaurant.
Life is better with a partner who understands our moods and knows what we’d like to eat. Well, Hungry bells does that too. It runs on a data engine which is based on your order history, order location and order time during a day, and recommends dishes that might be your favourite. Best friendships are formed over a long period of time, and so this data engine’s predictability about your all time favourites and impulsive cravings, becomes more accurate as you place more orders.

The underlying principles that Hungry bells follows is that of extreme personalisation and simplification. The user doesn’t have to do much to place the order, just search and order. Another feature that industry leaders like Foodpanda and Zomato have not been able to develop is when a certain food item is out of stock, it is removed from the platform. So no more ordering, to receive customer care executive’s calls to replace the order and a delay in the delivery while you’re hungry enough to pull your hair out.

The market has exploded with the number of food startups, all of them with separate apps. The eater in me and the eater in you wants more variety and what it especially doesn’t want is too my many useless apps slowing down the phone. Hungry bells promotes itself as a marketplace for all edible items. ‘Edible items’ here include dishes from restaurants and most of the other ready to eats in your locality.

Hungry Bells

With the kind of turbulence in the food tech, word is already out that consolidation is bound to happen as there are more places to order from, than can fit the consumer’s working memory or the number of meals in a week that the consumer consumes. A marketplace is needed where home-cooked meals, exotic cuisines, etc can be discovered with regard to relevance to the consumer. An ecosystem that creates value for both the consumer and the owners of food businesses by linking them is highly needed. Survival of the fittest is already happening in the food-tech space with pioneers like SpoonJoy and Dazo, closing down or pivoting. Hungry-Bells has the infrastructure in place to be that market-place where this darwinian reality can happen in a more organised manner. Inside Hungry bells each player will get a chance to reach their customers based upon the consumers’ preferences and likability at a lower customer acquisition cost.  Only half a century ago we realised that consumer is the king and its already a jungle out there. I don’t know Darwin would be proud or not but we all know he is right.

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About Yuvaraj:

Originally from Chennai, Yuvaraj graduated in physics in 2001 and simultaneously did software engineering from NIIT. His first job was that of programming, developing a teaching platform. He later worked in banking. In 2005, he relocated to Bangalore where Deutchshe Bank offered him a Business Engineering Role and he found himself working in investment Banking analytics. He wants to be a creator of something that is a whole, a totality of smaller processes which makes life easier. He has also attended the IIM A general Management program.  [/sociallocker]

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