A city that was one of the first to be brought under the British Raj and faced dire consequences. A city that bore the pain of partition and survived its repercussions. A city that is a pot boiler of political rifts and yet brings forth an undying spirit. This city has a heart. It has a big heart. Welcome to one of the most colorful cities.

Welcome to my city, Kolkata.

Kolkata and Sweets:

Come here and you will hardly find a dull spirit! That’s the beauty of this city. Bengali, the mother tongue of residents of West Bengal, is one of the sweetest languages India and just like the language of these Bengalis, these people’s appetite also craves for ‘mishti’! The tradition of sweets is so closely tied to the traditions, culture and festivals of this ‘City Of Joy’ that it is impossible to come here and not soak up in love. Mishti (sweet in Bengali) is ubiquitous all over the city.

Roosogulla. Check. Mishti Doi. Check. Chomchom. Check. Sandesh. Check.

Money can’t buy happiness but then a good dessert can surely seal the deal!
‘Chhana’,or soft ‘cottage cheese ‘ used as the base for nearly all Bengali sweets was introduced to the city by the Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century. And thus began a tradition of sweets.

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Heritage Stores – Mishti:

1. Kolkata boasts of heritage shops like Nobin Chandra Das-the inventor of ‘rosogolla’-a mishti, unlike anything else offered at that time, synonymous to Kolkata. Nobin Chandra Das earned for himself the title of “Columbus of Bagbazar” in the 19th century .

2. K.C Das’s rosogolla have earned iconic status all over the world .

3. If you are in Kolkata , you cannot miss Bhim Nag’s Sandesh. Trust me, it is a labor of love.

4. You are lucky if you have a chance to taste the ‘Korapak’ Sandesh,which is made of hardened Chhana, at Nalin Chandra Das.

5. You have to try Putiram’s Chop Sandesh or Biscuit Sandesh.

6. ‘Fried Sweets’ or ‘Bhaja mishti’ is also a form of sweet making in Kolkata and is stocked by Jayashree.

7. Chittaranjan Mishtan Bhandar, Sen Mahasay,Balaram and Mullick and Radharam Mullick are institutions of food alchemy that have gone down in the pages of history.

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Heritage Stores – Mishti:

Kolkata has its quintessential line of Bakeries and Confectionaries as well thanks to its colonial history.

1. Flurys-their tagline says it all-“Five generations of Fine confectionaries.” If you are in Kolkata, a Flurys visit is a must.
2. How can we not mention Kookie Jar– the list cannot get any sweeter. In this little fairy land, the pasteries and the cakes and the puffs are so tasty and fresh, they almost melt in your mouth.

3. Mrs.Magpie offers the largest assortment of muffins in the city. It is a gem of a confectionary.

4. Nahhhoum and Sons, an 113-year-old iconic Jewish bakery has its charm in the pastries, tarts, and brownies.

5. The French Loaf and Au Bon Pain have to be mentioned here due to the delicious and mouth-watering assortments they offer. Start from the corner,have one, and keep pointing to more till you haven’t tasted them all! There is so much to choose from that you feel bad for choosing one over the other.                                                                                    This city can satisfy every sweet craving that you have.

For a city famous for Dada and Doi, For a city with a sweet tooth, Kolkata is city waiting to be unraveled by your tastebuds.

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