Noida is full of huge offices spaced far apart from one another with nothing in between but jungles, the actual ones and the ones of concrete. Getting food that is good for the soul, doesn’t bore and is light on the pocket is a tad bit hard to find. Har Roz lunch pe 500 nahi Kharch kar sakte.

This problem has been spotted as an opportunity by a few entrepreneurs and acted upon. I met one such person, Mr. Pankaj Mall, co-founder of the online food-ordering service, Fudroo. Fudroo has its own commercial kitchens through which it plans to provide its customers with Indian and Continental cuisines. Fudroo will be operating through both web and app based platforms.

After visiting the first kitchen I could see the sheer business acumen that had gone into the place. The kitchen is almost done and the chefs, with experiences from star rated restaurants, are warm and jovial and know very well the trick to a firm handshake. Starting operations next week, The founders of fudroo are very particular about the food they’re going to provide. They emphasise very strongly on health, introducing a system of treatment of vegetables that reduces residual chemical fertiliser on the surface of the vegetables, that doesn’t get washed off usually. This is an effort to bring the experience of all that Fudroo sells very close to that of delicacies cooked from organic foods. The plan is to appoint a Dietician and a Nutritionist, who would give advice and make diet plans, for customers for free.

The expansion plans are quiet robust. Fudroo aims 3 operational kitchens in Noida in the next couple of months. This is to expand the Geographical reach and better the delivery time. Fudroo also seems to be doing a lot of innovation with menus, a menu called “Mood foods” is under construction as we speak. Cultural foods, a menu targeted at the migrants from different states is also under way.  Fudroo is also looking at launching a reliable food service for students in the area and starting a night shift to address the night shift working professionals crowd.

Once in operation Fudroo will have reach to about 1,00,000 people on a daily basis. The opportunities that Fudroo has, given the strong team, work culture and dedication to quality, are promising as they are accompanied by robust scalability models well thought out by its founders. What would be interesting is how this marketplace adapts. Things have gone from global to local to hyper-local in a very short span of time. It would be interesting to see how Fudroo adapts to he changing dynamic forces of the market.

About Pankaj:

Pankaj has a background in Management Training and New Business Consulting. He has held a plethora of roles in industries related to Digital Marketing, Web Development and Business Process Outsourcing. He has also taught courses at the IIT-Delhi on Entrepreneurship. Work has made him travel extensively in and outside india. Meet Pankaj on Linkedin




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