“Ayurveda will never catch up in India. It just works in the west” said one of my Uncles on an evening tea in the winter of 2007. I couldn’t agree more with him since we, Indians, have always been very mesmerized with emulating the west and so, it seemed that Ayurveda was a stuff of the old and the gone by. Both of us were wrong. Today, as we know, Patanjali is giving the likes of P&G and ITC a run for their money.

Diversifying into multiple product lines, Patanjali has not only come a long way but its ads are redefining our overly gimmicky view of advertising. Patanjali just conveys information on the price and features of the product but in doing so, reminds us that the equation of price and quality, and the face of an authentic brand ambassador- Ramdev Baba still does the trick. The tag lines ‘Milawat se khud ko bachayein’ (prevent yourself from adulterated goods) and the sawdeshi element fits right into the positioning of Patanjali products.

Let’s look at a few different adds in detail and understand what are they actually selling. At the end, we’ll look at a 4-year-old ad and see the big leap Patanjali has made not only in creating products but also in building an ability to sell them.

1. Patanjali Atta Noodles

The is the ad of Patanjali Atta Noodles. Introduced to challenge and eat into Nestle Maggi’s market share, Patanjali is portrayed as a family product. Everyone in the family just likes these Noodles. The mushy twinkling eyes of children, mommy and grandmommy draw us in, making us smile unconsciously. With the progression of the Jingle ‘Is noodle me kya’ (what is in this noodle?) the voice over gradually introduces the noodles as healthy and Tasty. It perfectly adds the healthy positioning to Patanjali Atta Noodle by showcasing different scenarios, in all of which the product is shown as healthy. Just a reminder: These noodles were launched when Nestle Maggi was withdrawn from the market and it was seen as unhealthy.

[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”UYIE4KBvVhM” disable_for_mobile=”on” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

2. Patanjali Deterrgent

Keywords such as ‘Neem aur Neebu ke parkritic gun’ (With natural qualities of lemon and Neemtree) and’Kapdo ke liye Hanikarak’ (Harmful to clothes) do the trick here.

[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”Evtdsh50C5U” disable_for_mobile=”on” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

3. Patanjali Hair Oil

In the following ad Baba Ramdev makes thoroughly clear- ‘We don’t use mineral oil’, we are natural and so, we’re good. Who can argue with that?

[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”SW-oMmxGMpM” disable_for_mobile=”on” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

4. The 4 Year Old Ad

[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”mZ8NGXZVeb0″ disable_for_mobile=”on” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]


In conclusion, Patanjali has learned the trade of consumer packaged products very well. It not only delivers great quality at cheaper prices but also sells its products with a very straightforward focus on price and quality. From one commercial that gives a weak message about many products, it has shifted to showcasing each product line, making stronger connections with its target market.


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