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The sound of organic food, paints a very serious picture in the head. You have to be reading blogs, going through a ton of information, becoming a ‘food and health nerd’ to know the specific benefits of having organic food over the conventional stuff available in the marketplace. If after this you have some energy left you can cook, hopefully to satisfy the needs of your demanding palate.

Chef Patron, Sandeep Namboodiry  with co-founder Chef-de-patisserie Anam Kalsia, honors in Organic Chemistry and Pastry Chef from Paris, has a gone a long way to give people out-of-the-world dishes made from organic food, through his initiative PDC India.  I met Sandeep over Skype and the distance between us couldn’t stop me from absorbing the infectious love of food that Sandeep exudes.

PDC India, based in Delhi, is among the new generation of home-chef ventures who are serving people great food through chef-aggregator platforms and small catering events. What so special about PDC India’s food? Everything! One, its all cent percent organic, all the produce procured from isayorganic, two, its a whole different level of quirky. I mean they serve Pink waffles which is apparently, colored with beetroot juice. Where do you hear that?

Items on the menu are something you’ve probably heard before but the taste of whatever you order would be something very new. A few of these food-land fantasy ‘love food’ they serve are:

 1. Vegan faux protein burger.

Guess what the patty is made up of? You will have a hard time believing its made up of lentils.

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2. Deconstructed organic aloo chat

Want some fancy ingredients? How about the ingredients- Slow roasted baby potato, Cauliflower yogurt, Cold pressed tamarind chutney, Coriander lemon chutney.

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4. Honey Glazed Roasted guava served with Wholewheat shortbread.

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5. Progressive cocktail stick

This is more like a cocktail on a stick with 12-hour air dried tomato, Candied ginger, Homemade pickled onions and pickled cucumber.

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PDC India got its name ‘Progressive’ from inspirational Chef Gaggan Anand.  The use of imported ingredients makes the food really expensive but the love that PDC India has is strong and building customer loyalty shouldn’t be a problem. “Customers love us”, says Sandeep. PDC India also does non-organic foods but the major highlight of what it does is the organic revolution its working towards.

PDC India wishes to expand next year with investments coming in. PDC India firmly believes that food needs to be interactive where the person eating has his role to play. Small unique things like micro greens that grow in the backyards, small end-shoots of dal, all go into garnishing and making the food differently palatable. The vision is to make organic food affordable and accessible to all. Ingredients are the major component, improving them changes the food quality drastically. Its just 5 months since PDC India started and lot of work remains to be done.


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About Sandeep:

An IHM Delhi alumni and fortuned to have worked with the Indian Ascent, Sandeep finally settled in Delhi to ideate a business. For as long as Sandeep can remember, his life has been deeply influenced by food. He believes, cooking is truest and  most versatile form of expression. He has worked with foreign ingredients and been to parts of Europe, Africa and South East Asia. Recently, he traveled around India on a self-styled ‘food pilgrimage’ and re-examined his understanding of Indian food in its entirety. He has spent 60 days travelling 26 cities in search of what makes the food of 1.2 billion people as vibrant and kaleidoscopic as the country these people live in.  He also is an outstanding writer sharing his travel and work experiences in thenimboodiaries.com


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