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There are days and there are nights when we stare into the laptop screen, while our jaws make circular motions against our faces: chewing in satisfaction. This fulfilling agony has now been spotted by a healthful snack provider- Snackosaur. Snackosaur is run by the young and the experienced, founders Ankita Mendiratta and Vinayak Mendiratta.

Snackosaur delivers healthful snacks pan-india. These snacks are not just healthy, they’re healthful. No slick metaphors here! The online menu at has nutrient filled variants of super-foods in varieties never seen before. A look at the menu and you can see a lot of research & innovation has gone into coming up with these items. Strawberry Wasabi Peas, California pitted prunes, dried blue-berries, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds are a few of the items. Some have been sourced internationally while others are desi, but everything there is there with a twist.  Ankita plans to take the count of snacks offered to 150.

“People have been having what is available to them and apparently, what is available isn’t something healthy” says Ankita. Snackosaur aims to provide people with really healthful snacks very conveniently so that when people feel like munching again they know they have a choice. I think the question here is, with the tradition of sweets, samosa and fried savouries, are people willing to make the shift to healthy snacking. That is one question only time will answer.

The snacking market globally seems big and unorganised. According to Nielsen, Europeans spend a huge amount on candies and confections annually(46.5billion -oh yeah its big!), people from the US spend about 27.5 billion on salty snacks and Asia-Pacific about 13.7 billion on refrigerated snacks. Any effort to organise the healthy snack market Globally or even in India will reap benefits to both the consumers and the provider of such a service. A Nielsen report said that the Global snack market grossed nearly $400 billion in the 12 months ending March 2014. For India it had something very interesting to say, people, at least the respondents to the Nielsen research swapped meals for snacks at a very high rate, 72% for breakfast for snacks and 61% for lunch.

About Ankita:

Ankita did engineering from NSIT Delhi. She later did an MBA in marketing from XLRI Jamshedpur. She has worked across functions at Hindustan Unilever for about 2 years. Later, she worked as a sales manager for Mumbai Metro. She quit her job to start Snackosaur. She believes that if you are convinced about what you have to do, you will always find the motivation to take the plunge. Meet Ankita on Linkedin.

About Vinayak:

Vinayak is a business graduate from College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. He has worked with JWT in advertising post which he completed his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. He joined Ola Cabs at a very early stage and has quit Ola after working there for 2.5 years to start Snackosaur. Meet Vinayak on Linkedin.

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