Jain Tea Co., started and run by Mr. Pawan Jain, has been selling tea in Lal Bazar, Kolkata since 1994. It is now that the youngest in the family, an Indian Team Snooker Player, Manish Jain has walked into the aisles of the market and is now taking tea online with his venture TeaRaja.

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Manish has already got the tea portal up and running with 6 different products up on the e-commerce website. Few of the products include the famous Oolong Teasilver needle white tea and the Exotic Assam CTC tea.

The products are sourced through Jain Tea Co.’s old and trusted supply chain. Mr. Pawan is the in charge of quality as his years of experience in tea-tasting helps him source the best Teas out there. He manages the wholesale and retail businesses of Jain Tea Co. and extends his resources and experience to TeaRaja.com. Amit, the eldest son of Mr. Pawan, helps him with sales function of Jain Tea Co. and the overall management of the enterprise.

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Manish has started with an e-commerce store and has grand plans of aggregating the tea-market online inside India. He says there are many players, who want to come online but can’t as there is a lack of resources and the know-how of the web. Currently, TeaRaja Products are sold through marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Paytm in addition to TeaRaja’s online store. “On Paytm we own a Brand Store”, says Manish with a childish gleam in his eyes.

Manish believes that Tea, given the amount its consumed in worldwide, needs more attention both on the consumers’ and the sellers’ side. There is a need to educate the consumer as he doesn’t know about the benefits of different teas. There are different teas for different purposes. There is a need to go online demanded by the changes in the market place. These changes have seen a high adoption of online products by the consumers. The reach that internet channels have provided is unparalleled.

Manish wants to scale the business both online and offline once he aggregates a large number of tea retailers. He is currently looking for funding as there is a lot if capacity that has to be built to reach the scale that he desires to reach. He plans TeaRaja exclusive stores that sell different brands of tea, once TeaRaja has reached a certain scale and global/national standing. Mentored by his elder brother, Rakesh Jain, VP Forex at an MNC bank, Manish with the supply chain and strong background in tea retailing is set with his plan to take TeaRaja ahead.

The business of Tea is one that banks on the loyalty of its customers. Another startup TeaBox, based in Siliguri, has turned heads of both investors, receiving its share of funding and establishing an office in Bengaluru, and customers heads during the last one year.
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About Manish:

Manish Jain

Manish is born and brought up in Kolkata. He is a part of the Indian Snooker Team. Find out more about him at manishjain.co.in [/sociallocker]

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